Custom and Pre Fabricated Foot Orthotics

First type (Aline insoles)
Unlike orthotics that can lock your foot in place, Aline insoles are engineered to enable your foot to move naturally, align your lower body and alleviate pressure on your feet, ankles and knee. At Jumpstart, one of our physical therapists will analyze your alignment on an Aline platform. (see picture) This machine helps us evaluate your alignment and posture so that we can select the proper modification to be made to the Aline insole. This is a very popular product that we have had great success with in our clinic. Our Physical Therapists and patients have found these insoles to be  extremely cost effective, lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjusted. We are usually able to send the patient/client home with a new pair that day. The cost of this product will depend upon the type of insole and necessary fitting, but is typically about $100.00.

Second type (Custom Foot Orthotic)
A custom foot orthotic is a device that helps support the natural shape of your foot by re-aligning the structures in your feet to a neutral position. Foot orthotics can help reduce or eliminate foot/ankle, knee, and back pain by:

  • Creating proper foot alignment
  • Distributing weight evenly
  • Improving shock absorption
  • Maximizing muscle function

At JumpStart, a physical therapist will take a mold of your foot in the clinic. This mold is then shipped off to our supplier with your specifications. The custom foot orthotic is usually shipped back to us within a few weeks.

What is the cost of custom orthotics?
Each pair is $350.00.

Do you make orthotics for children? What happens when children outgrow them?
Yes, we do make orthotics for children. We offer an "outgrowth policy" program for children that costs an additional $54.00 to cover a 3 year time period. Patients under the age of 18 are eligible for one pair of replacement orthotics once they have outgrown the first pair.

For example:

  • $350.00 first pair + $54.00 second pair within 3 years = $404.00 total upfront cost.
  • Each additional pair during the 3 year time period costs $54.00 per occurrence.

Please contact JumpStart, or speak with your therapist if you have additional questions regarding this service.

Do I need a doctor's prescription to order custom orthotics?
No. Orthotics are available in foot care stores and via internet sites. Custom orthotics are molded to your feet and can be ordered at JumpStart. Our patients can also be measured and individually evaluated to be fit for a pair of Aline foot insoles in any of our clinics.

How long will my orthotic last?
This number can vary considerably between each individual. Typically, 12-24 months depending upon the type of usage.

Will insurance cover custom orthotics?
Most insurance companies do not pay for foot orthotics. We accept credit card, cash, or check payment.

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