Custom Foot Orthotics

Aline insoles
Unlike orthotics that can lock your foot in place, Aline insoles are engineered to enable your foot to move naturally, align your lower body and alleviate pressure on your feet, ankles and knee. At Jumpstart, one of our physical therapists will analyze your alignment on an Aline platform. (see picture) This machine helps us evaluate your alignment and posture so that we can select the proper modification to be made to the Aline insole. This is a very popular product that we have had great success with in our clinic. Our Physical Therapists and patients have found these insoles to be  extremely cost effective, lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjusted. We are usually able to send the patient/client home with a new pair that day. The cost of this product will depend upon the type of insole and necessary fitting, but is typically about $100.00.