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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of time for each physical therapy session? LENGTH OF TIME FOR EACH SESSION?

Initial physical therapy evaluations are typically last about an hour. Follow up visits are 45 minutes. Some sessions, however, may be shorter or longer depending upon a patient's particular needs. This is something that the physical therapist will discuss with the patient or parent. We will accommodate our patients if for any reason a treatment needs to be shortened.

What should I wear for each physical therapy appointment?

This will depend upon the problem being evaluated. Patients with a shoulder impairment should wear or bring a tank top or sleeveless shirt. Hip, knee, and/or ankle patients should wear or bring shorts. Back patients should also bring or wear shorts. In order to thoroughly evaluate our back and shoulder patients, male patients, if comfortable, may be asked to remove their shirts. We will provide gowns with an opening in the back for our female patients. Wearing the appropriate clothing will help our physical therapists thoroughly evaluate each patient. In many cases we will not only evaluate the immediate area of your symptoms, but we will also examine the areas surrounding this region in order to assess the root of the problem.

Why do you evaluate other parts of the body if the symptoms are limited to one location of the body?

YOU EVALUATE THE OTHER PARTS OF THE BODY IF THE SYMPTOMS ARE LIMITED TO ONE LOCATION? It is essential for us to evaluate the entire body because a problem in one area may cause dysfunction in another. The body is an interconnected system and pain and/or imbalances in one area can cause compensation in another.

Why are you so thorough with your criteria for your patients to return to sports or activities?

All of our physical therapists are current or former athletes who possess a wealth of sports experience and an impressive scientific and biomechanical background. We understand that if athletes return to their sports too soon, they may increase their risk of re-injury. Moreover, athletes may overcompensate and place undue stress on another area of the body. JumpStart is a unique facility and we offer the techniques and expertise to evaluate each patient's readiness to return to his or her particular sport. We want to be sure that each athlete is fully ready before resuming competitive athletics. We do not always follow a particular timeline because we recognize the rate of healing and individual goals can vary. Our physical therapists provide reliable and objective measurements to determine whether our athletes have regained the flexibility, strength, symmetry, balance, and movement skills needed to return to sports.

How many visits will I need to attend before I am discharged from physical therapy?

The number of visits is dependent upon the initial diagnosis. The therapist will discuss the appropriate frequency and approximate duration at the time of the initial evaluation. The therapist will complete reassessments during the course of your therapy to help track individual progress. This information will help the therapist make informed decisions regarding the course of your therapy as well as an appropriate discharge date.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and/or credit cards for payments of your treatment, co-pay, sports training, or insurance deductible.

Do I need a referral from a physician to be treated

You only need a referral/prescription if your insurance company requires it; otherwise we can treat without a physician's referral. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your individual needs.